How to use StockFish chess engine with Shredder chess GUI

This is one of the top chess engines in the world. It’s also free to use under the GPL license.

Download the latest Stockfish build from

When downloaded, unpack the zip.file and take note of the folder you unpacked it to.

I tested several different free Chess GUIs in 2015. Some were horrendous, some were quite good but a little buggy or inconvenient. Shredder is the one that delivered the absolutely best experience.
Shredder has a 30 day demo. After that, it costs €30.

The more expensive Shredder’s, Shredder 12 and Deep Shredder 12, are not worth the extra money. As far as I can find, the only difference is the internal chess engine. We’re going to use Stockfish instead.

Download the Shredder Classic 4 demo from

Now install Shredder and start it up and follow this procedure:

Install the engine

* Within Shredder, click Extras – Engines – Install Engine…

* Engine type = UCI Ok

* Click the …-button to select the folder where Stockfish lies. Select one of the engine files. Try stockfish 7 x64 popcnt.exe first if you have a modern computer. If it doesn’t work, try one of the others. Ok

* In the next window, you can change the engine name if you want. Ok

* You get a message saying it was successfully installed. Ok

Modify the engine

* First make sure the engine you installed is selected.
There’s a clickable button just below the chess board that says which engine is installed. Click it to select the Stockfish engine.
* It then tells you how much free memory you have and asks how much you want to use. Write at least half of what it says. Ok.

* Click Extras – Engines – Engine Options…
For multicore cpu’s, edit the number of Threads to as much as you want. Personally I use half the cores of my cpu (I have an old 8-core AMD-cpu, and I use 4 threads). Ok.