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Computer Stuff Posted on 2016-04-02 21:22:59

Tips on how to use the Shredder chess GUI with

Download your games to Shredder:

* With any finished game you’re viewing, click the Get PGN-button. When you open the .pgn-file, let it open in Shredder.

Create a .pgn-file in Shredder:

* File – Save Game…
* In the dialog box, click Change DB and select folder and enter a filename. It will be saved as a .pgn-file.

Use Shredder with Tactics Trainer:

I) To copy a tactic from Tactics Trainer into Shredder:

1. Click the Analysis button2. At the bottom of the Analysis area click the download icon
3. A popup will appear with a text representation of the puzzle.
Click it and press Ctrl + A to select the entire text area. Then Press Ctrl + C to copy all the text. 4. Open Shredder and press Ctrl + V to paste the puzzle into Shredder

You can now play through the moves in Shredder.

II) Analyze the puzzle with Shredder

First, make sure Stockfish is selected as your engine (see explanation on how above).

Use these four buttons on the top to help you analyze:
* The first of these buttons let you play against the computer
* The second turns of computer thinking (stops your pc from getting hot)
* The third lets the computer analyze every move, this is the one you will use most often
* The last lets you flip the board

Use the buttons below the chess board area to move back and forth through the moves.

III) Share your analysis with others

If you have reached any interesting conclusions you want to share with other players:

1. In Shredder, with the puzzle still showing, right click the chess board and select Copy Position

2. In the comment area of Tactics Trainer, begin a new comment and click the Chess Board icon on the top

PS: The following section may be different if you are playing on the new version of

3. Select Game or sequence of moves

4. Select Use a FEN string, and paste the position you copied from Shredder

5. Check the Flip Board box if it’s upside down

6. You then get to the main editing area.
6a. Click the Design Flip on the top and check the Show Coordinates box
6b. Click back to the Game Editor flip on the top and enter the moves you want by moving the pieces around, and typing comments in the boxes,

7. Click the Insert button on the bottom to insert it into the Comment.

8. Click the Post Comment button to publish your work in the Comments area.

Stockfish + Shredder

Computer Stuff Posted on 2016-04-02 18:22:56

How to use StockFish chess engine with Shredder chess GUI

This is one of the top chess engines in the world. It’s also free to use under the GPL license.

Download the latest Stockfish build from

When downloaded, unpack the zip.file and take note of the folder you unpacked it to.

I tested several different free Chess GUIs in 2015. Some were horrendous, some were quite good but a little buggy or inconvenient. Shredder is the one that delivered the absolutely best experience.
Shredder has a 30 day demo. After that, it costs €30.

The more expensive Shredder’s, Shredder 12 and Deep Shredder 12, are not worth the extra money. As far as I can find, the only difference is the internal chess engine. We’re going to use Stockfish instead.

Download the Shredder Classic 4 demo from

Now install Shredder and start it up and follow this procedure:

Install the engine

* Within Shredder, click Extras – Engines – Install Engine…

* Engine type = UCI Ok

* Click the …-button to select the folder where Stockfish lies. Select one of the engine files. Try stockfish 7 x64 popcnt.exe first if you have a modern computer. If it doesn’t work, try one of the others. Ok

* In the next window, you can change the engine name if you want. Ok

* You get a message saying it was successfully installed. Ok

Modify the engine

* First make sure the engine you installed is selected.
There’s a clickable button just below the chess board that says which engine is installed. Click it to select the Stockfish engine.
* It then tells you how much free memory you have and asks how much you want to use. Write at least half of what it says. Ok.

* Click Extras – Engines – Engine Options…
For multicore cpu’s, edit the number of Threads to as much as you want. Personally I use half the cores of my cpu (I have an old 8-core AMD-cpu, and I use 4 threads). Ok.

Convert old PC to a virtual PC

Computer Stuff Posted on 2016-04-02 16:38:31

Convert old PC to a virtual PC
I had an old Windows XP machine with a couple of applications that were incompatible with newer Windows. In case of a hardware fault, I wanted to port the entire system to a virtual machine on a new Windows 10 PC.

It turned out to be quite easy once I figured out how. The applications used are free for home use. This is how I finally did it:

1a) Download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. You will need to setup an account at vmware to download this.

1b) Install it on the old computer.
It says on the site that it works on Vista and newer, but it installed fine on my Windows XP.

1c) Connect an external drive

1d) Run the application. Select Convert Machine, Local Machine. Make it save the .vmx file on an external disk.

2a) Download VMware Workstation 12 Player

The site says it’s just a trial. I was afraid it would be a time-limited trial, but it does not seem so.

2b) Install it on the new computer.

2c) Connect the external disk to the new computer.

2d) Start the VMware player, select Open a Virtual Machine, and select the file .vmx from the external disk.